Peer-review and Publication Processes

Step 1. Abstract selection

Abstract must meet the following requirements: (i) has a novelty, (ii) has significant impact in the fields of fisheries and marine science; (iii) Abstract fulfils all the elements of writing an abstract and is in accordance with the scope of ISFFS 2021

Step 2. Review and selection of papers by the editors of ISFFS

Step 3. Review papers by reviewers with double blind review

Papers that not meet quality standards will be dropped and will be given the option to be published in national journals that have collaborated with the  ISFFS committee

Step 4. Paper revision by the author

Step 5. Check Similarity by the editor

If the manuscript similarity more than 15 %, the manuscript  will be return to the author to be revised

Step 6. Review the revise version of the paper by the editor

Step 7. Editing and layout by the editor team

Step 8. Proof-reading by editors and authors

Step 9. Final check

Step 10. Submitting all papers to E3S- Web of Conference


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